Chris Tarrant Goes Fishing TV series Channel 5

A picture of the crew at Baronscourt EstateWeek 2 – Northern Ireland – 8th November 2013 – Channel 5 at 7pm

In the second episode Chris and John are back to reality with a bump when they visit Northern Ireland. There is a bit of rain about, in fact there’s a lot of rain about but in between the showers they fish one of the most beautiful estates in the British Isles, Baronscourt Estate. This glorious environment bathes in dreamy late summer sunshine as they seek pike and salmon. This picturesque setting provides a natural network of streams and loughs throughout the centuries old estate, all full of pike and trout. Lord Hamilton takes time out to talk to them about the problems and joys of running such a massive sporting resource and the Ghillies are full of typical Irish blarney. “In many ways this was one of the most challenging assignments”.

Fishing with Chris Tarrant by John Horsey “As a professional angler/pro guide I like nothing more than to explore the world’s most exciting and challenging fishing environments and pit my skills against what the world’s waters can offer. In a recent set of visits to such locations I accompanied my friend and TV Celebrity/Presenter (and avid angler) Chris Tarrant – in a series of four new TV episodes we tackle a variety of species/styles in all weathers… some within our comfort zone, some not. There is no doubting the deep affinity and love we have for our sport, but the series is so much more than just fishing, it provides a candid and insightful portrayal of both Chris and myself, as individuals, as explorers and as friends. We meet some extraordinary people, visit some fascinating venues and enjoy an enriching partnership that provided some wonderful memories”

For more information and to book fishing on Abercorn Estate / Baronscourt Estate  please follow the link

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