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Edwinsford, Towy is now on FishPalWith over five miles of double bank fishing Edwinsford is probably the most significant and varied fishery on the River Cothi, the Cothi is thought to provide around 40% of the total run in the Towey system.

Salmon can enter the river in April but, the first Edwinsford Salmon in not normally caught before May. Salmon and grilse will run on any summer spate, with a good autumn run throughout September until the close of the season.

In 1997 Edwinsford made the national press when the remains of a hen Salmon estimated to have weighed in excess of 50lbs was found on the bank of the Garden Pool. Scale readings of this remarkable fish suggest that it had spawned on no fewer than 5 times. Current available information suggests that no other Salmon in the U.K. has been recorded that has completed more migrations.

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