Autumn is just around the corner

Aug 16, 2013 | River Reports, Where To Fish

58315_479489448739434_59258864_nMiddle Pavilion Head Ghillie Mick Charlton shares with us some top tips to make your next fishing trip a success.

Now that the combines are working and the days are starting to get shorter, thoughts are turning to Autumn. Heavy morning dew, leaves changing colour, and the “back end” salmon run .Of all the major Scottish salmon rivers the Tweed historically has the most prolific Autumn run.

With the Autumn nearly upon us ,now is the time to check you are prepared for your fishing.

Check your booking for your beat make sure you have booked all the days you want .
leaving it till the last minute and hoping the water will be right can end up
in a mad scramble at the last moment and often disappointment!

If your unsure about a beat’s suitability seek advice before booking, most of the
Ghillies/boatmen will be only to pleased to advise you where to go!

This is also a good opportunity to seek advise on the tackle need for Autumn fishing on
a large river if you are not used to large rivers.

As no two years conditions are the same the tackle required may vary slightly, but as a guide here are some pointers.

Rods generally a 14ft or 15ft is the normal weapon of choice, size is not as important as having the right weight of line. With so many types of line on the market it’s becoming a technological minefield for anglers and Ghillies alike my advice is to try out various types ie skaggit, shooting head, scandi, to find out which one suits your rod and casting ability before you turn up at the river, a day trying to cast a badly balanced outfit is not a lot of fun and can ruin your days fishing. There are several excellent tackle shops
in the area who will be only to happy to advise you on fly line selection.

Spring FliesFly’s for the Autumn oh were do I begin! Every fisherman has their favourites for
the Autumn. My usual suspects are the following patterns in several dressed double sizes and various tube weights and lengths.The good old Willy Gun (gold
body, red head), cascade, Ally shrimp (orange and yellow versions) Junction
shrimp (a must for dirty or very beery water) posh tosh , and finally a
selection of Temple dog style patterns fitted with cone heads or drainer discs
(my favourite new toys!)

Tweed Ladies DayIf you are coming salmon fishing with a double handed fly rod for the first time. It would be a good idea to treat yourself to a casting lesson prior to your visit. While the ghillie’s would normally be only to happy to help you with your casting, chances are they may rowing all day and not have the time to spend with you on a one to one basis.

Finally the most important thing to remember is Autumn fishing is meant to be fun! So come to the Tweed and enjoy your fishing, It’s not all about catching that’s an added bonus, it’s more about having a good day on the river with like minded people in beautiful surroundings making the whole experience unforgettable.

Within the Middle Pavilion Estate there are 4 luxurious barn conversion with spectacular views towards the Eildon Hills and countryside beyond, perfect for anglers fishing Middle Pavilion beat – read more.

Tight lines Mick Charlton Ghillie Middle Pavilion

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