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On the morning of 21st October 1924, golden leaves began to fall from the trees that lined the banks of Aberdeenshire’s River Deveron. Autumn had finally arrived and with a crisp, early morning chill in the air, salmon fishers saw it as their last chance to try an outwit an end-of-season specimen.One of those was Mrs Clementina Morison. Affectionately known as ‘Tiny’ to those who knew her, little did she know that on one of her casts that day, she would send shockwaves around the world to stake her claim in history forever. As she sent her fly across the water, she watched as her ‘Brown Wing Killer’ followed its path in the current. Suddenly, her line slammed tight within her fingers and with a lift of the rod, a historical episode in salmon fishing had begun.The fish pulled hard but Tiny used all of her skill to guide the heavyweight creature to the bankside of Lower Shaws at Mountblairy and eventually in her very own words she said: “I rushed down, put my hands in the gills and dragged it up onto the bank, a beautifully shaped, well-hooked and coloured cock fish.”Her true feat wasn’t actually realised until 24 hours later when it was finally weighed. Amazingly, 61lbs registered on the scales and according to some, it could have lost up to 2lbs in the time leading up to weighing. Little did Tiny know but this was the heaviest fly-caught salmon in the UK and on Deveronside, a legend was born that still lives on today.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: Now you have the chance to follow in the footsteps of Mrs Clementina ‘Tiny’ Morison On Saturday 1st June, in association with the Deveron, Bogie & Isla Rivers Charitable Trust, Anne Woodcock (FishPal) is holding a Ladies Day on the Mountblairy beat where Mrs Clementina ‘Tiny’ Morison landed her magnificent record-breaking salmon.

The day is aimed at ladies who would like to try salmon fishing for the first time and for those who would like to improve their fishing & learn new techniques. The day will cover equipment, flies, watercraft, casting and will be supplemented with learning materials and video.

Casting instructor Paul Little (AAPGAI Master in the double handed rod) will lead the day along with Anne. Cost £45 per person this includes fishing, tuition and lunch. There will be equipment available. The ticket price will be donated to The Deveron Bogie and Isla Rivers Charitable Trust to help with conservation initiatives. Places are limited so to book contact Anne Woodcock: 01573 470612 ( ) or contact Turriff Tackle & Trophies:01888 562428 (

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