River Dee Bursary Scheme

River DeeThe Dee District Salmon Fishery Board (Dee DSFB) has launched a bursary to encourage people to undertake a career on the River Dee. The bursary will give them a helping hand to get both vocational qualifications and access to some of the best fishing beats for work experience. 

The Dee DSFB bursary will contribute towards living and education costs for a period of one year to a maximum of £5,000. It is up to the applicant to decide what types of training they require and this will be supported by relevant work experience. Applicants may decide that they need to acquire varied skills necessary for a career on the river, for example through training on how to look after customers, working with people of all ages and abilities or how to get the best out of new media. The applicant should feel free to tailor their training needs to the skills they already have and wish to build on.

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