British Made Fly Reels And Much More….

reubenReuben Heaton Ltd have been at the forefront of tackle design and manufacture since the company’s founder started the business in 1857. Heaton’s were responsible for many early developments fishing tackle, and in-house development is still an important factor in the company’s development of new designs for the angling market. The current range of game angling products includes fly reels, a comprehensive range of baits, lures, terminal tackle and other angling accessories.

Lures & baits
New Bucktails ThumbScreen Shot 2012-11-27 at 15.40.31Heaton’s have produced fishing lures throughout much of their long history and that continues with the latest RH range of baits lures and accessories which are manufactured at company’s UK factory. All aspects of manufacture including moulding, painting, wire forming and assembly operations are carried out in house, and each lure is balanced, colour matched and checked for consistency, ensuring the finished baits remain faithful to traditional patterns where required. The range includes Devon Minnows both round and oval bodied, Flying C and Bucktail C patterns, and traditional spoon and spinner ranges along with harling killer style plugs.

British Made Fly Reels
In addition to lure manufacture, after an absence of some 40 years, commercial reel production has once again recommenced at the UK factory with the introduction of the new Model 38 fly reel. Founded principally on the manufacture of fishing reels, Heaton’s continued to produce reels right up to the late 1970’s with a claimed annual production exceeding 30,000 reels a year around the turn of the century.

The Model 38 Fly Reel
Named after the original pattern 38 fly reels which ran for over 80 years the new model 38 has many of the traits that made the original so successful. One of the earliest aluminium production fly reels, the original 38 was designed to be ultimately reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. That ethos married with modern production techniques and materials, has led to the new model 38’s design which carries forward many of the classic lines that made the original 38 a joy to look at as well as to fish with. Machined from high grade solid aluminium bar stock, both frame and spool are anodised to saltwater specification. Modern features include multi layer stainless/carbon clutch drag system, stainless bearings, medium arbour spool, nickel silver fittings and neoprene pouch. These attributes mean that the model 38 is equally at home playing double figure salmon or fighting bonefish in saltwater.

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 16.16.06Detailed product information including where to source items can be found here

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