Visiting anglers book a Lovat Cook

Lovat Cooking was established in 1987 as a result of increasing demands for Anne Fraser to cook at various houses and sporting lodges throughout Scotland.

The business has now evolved into the largest Scottish based agency specialising in servicing the private sector.  The agency deals with requests to provide cooks both in Scotland and abroad.

Anne has visited many of the sporting estates in Scotland and can advise her cooks about ageing Agas and intermittent water/electricity supplies, as well as the equipment on site.  She also takes time to check out local sources of fresh Scottish produce from seafood to dairy and, of course, encourages cooks to use any game or fish supplied by house guests and gamekeepers.

The agency has contacts with all the major cookery schools in Scotland, Ireland and the well known English schools. Anne tries to visit these every year or so to ensure continuing high standards.  She also takes a great deal of care matching cooks to specific jobs/clients.

Many cooks have been with the agency for some years, and are requested by clients annually. A recent development has been that clients who visit Scotland from abroad have asked for Lovat cooks at their homes or on other European holidays.

The cooks value advance discussion of the menus and types of food required, and will undertake all shopping and other essential preparations.

Lovat Cooking – for the best of cooks for the best of occasions.

Anne can be contacted on the following telephone numbers 01887 840 352 or mobile 07743 133 847, alternatively visit her website.

FishPal would like to thank Anne Fraser for the information about Lovat Cooks.

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