New Casting Competition for the CLA Game Fair

The 2012 CLA Game Fair at Belvoir will see the launch of the first ever casting competition which allows anglers with different disabilities to compete alongside able bodied anglers. This, we believe, is the first competition of its kind and will be launched at the Game Fair during the weekend of 20-22 July.

The aim of the competition is to demonstrate that having a disability does not have to restrict taking part in fly fishing. Disabled anglers will compete on equal terms with their able-bodied counterparts during the event.

The competition is designed to test the skills needed to fly fish successfully from a boat and is open to all anglers. All competitors will compete sitting down in a wheelchair-accessible Wheelyboat and points are scored for speed and accuracy with a fly rod rather than distance.

A total prize fund of £1,000 is on offer.

There are two categories and daily prizes awarded as follows: £100 to the respective disabled and able bodied anglers achieving the highest scores on each of the three days. An overall first prize of £400 to the highest scoring angler and in the event of a tie, the prize fund will be split equally.

Iain Wood FishPal Managing Director says: “FishPal are proud to be sponsoring the first disabled casting competition at the CLA Game Fair during this 2012 Olympic year, let’s not forget this is also the year of the Paralympic Games. This competition creates opportunities for all anglers with or without a disability to participate.”

FishPal have been working for some time with the Wheelyboat Trust to create a competition for anglers with varying disabilities. The Salmon and Trout Association will be running the competition alongside other casting events during the show. The combined generosity of all clearly shows what can be achieved by the industry working together and the whole event should prove to be a huge success for all those involved.

Andy Beadsley from the Wheelyboat Trust says: “Disability is no barrier to fly fishing given the right opportunities and equipment. This competition allows disabled anglers the opportunity to demonstrate their fishing skills and compete on equal terms with their able-bodied counterparts.”

The vision of the Wheelyboat Trust is straightforward – open access for disabled people on waters everywhere through a range of Wheelyboat models to meet everybody’s needs.

In the year of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, the Wheelyboat Trust, Salmon & Trout Association, CLA Game Fair and FishPal are aiming to demonstrate inclusivity for all anglers.

FishPal supports the work of the Wheelyboat Trust through charity donations made through bookings online at

For further information contact Anne Woodcock 01573 470612 or 07540 834852

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