Timsbury Fishing on the River Test

Heidi Dear from Timsbury Fishing says  “With the rainfall this week our levels have come up lovely. Yesterday (Sunday 22nd April) was a wonderful day enjoyed by several fishermen . They all caught in the morning using nymphs, & after stopping for a fabulous lunch & more rain the sun shone all afternoon so out came the dry fly. (With the favourites being, Adams, Black Gnat & Small Klinkhammers). Although little more difficult they had five follows, lost 3 & several more fish caught”

Timsbury Fishing can offer you a unique opportunity to book a day ticket to Fly Fish in the heart of the Test Valley,

The fishing is a great combination of the main river and carrier, with nearly 1000 yards of main river and close to 1000 yards of carrier for dry fly and upstream nymph fishing. The chalk stream and gravel bottom makes it ideal fishing for the purist.

With facilities that you are ever likely to need and comfortable chairs for an afternoon snooze after the rigours of the morning rise!

This is a predominately brown trout fishery; the only fish stocked are carefully selected locally from The River Test stock. You may catch the occasional itinerant rainbow and in the latter part of the season salmon regularly roll in the deep pools there is always the chance of catching a salmon or even a couple of sea trout.

This is the perfect place for a relaxing day on the river.

Day tickets are now available online for Timsbury Fishing . Visit the FishPal website to view more Hampshire chalk stream beats.

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