Small stream passport for the River Annan

The RASSP project is a new initiative that has improved access to the Annan’s tributaries. The passport is now available to purchase online with FishPal.

These watercourses have been lightly fished for a few years but for the visiting angler finding the fishing and being able to access it has been difficult. The passport scheme builds upon the work that has already been carried out in parts of England in areas such as the West Country, The Wye and Usk, Cumbria, Peak District and the Tyne.

Indeed the vouchers that people use on all the passport schemes operating in the rest of the country are interchangeable so vouchers bought here could, for example, be used on the Usk and vice versa.

Obtaining the fishing is straightforward, all you have to do is purchase a number of vouchers from the River Annan Trust and then redeem them at your chosen fishery. For more information please click here

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