Lower Itchen salmon fishing

FishPal are pleased to announce day ticket availability for the Lower Itchen Fishery, Hampshire.

The salmon fishing is carried out over 3 chalk stream beats which are keepered to suit the salmon’s preference for deep channels cut into the potamogetun and lies created by means of groynes and boulders on the riverbed. The beats are only 1 mile from the tidal limits and from June to the end of September fresh run sea lice fish enter the river on a daily basis.

5,300 yds (3 miles) makes the Lower Itchen Fishery the longest continuous stretch of the River Itchen in private ownership.

Resident keeper Clayton Moorhouse says ‘a small number of fresh run fish have been seen in the river during the last week, with the water at summer levels, we are now waiting for the next rise in the river to see more fish enter the system’ (week ending 25th March 2012)

The fishery is set amidst picturesque water meadows and has an abundance of animal, bird and insect life which creates an atmosphere in which to unwind from the stresses of life.

Anglers can now book their salmon fishing for the fishery on FishPal






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