Launch of Spring Syndicate “Plus 4”

Bluestone fisheries  on the River Whiteadder a tributary of  River Tweed, has launched a spring syndicate. 

The new Spring syndicate rods entitle anglers to fish one nominated day each week until 30th June and then choose any 4 weekdays (Saturday’s are excluded) in the Autumn, irrespective of what day the Spring syndicate rod is on. (the cost of a day ticket in Autumn rises to £83 per day, which means savings of up to £332)

The four weekdays can be taken as any combination making up the four days. Rods can be taken from the availability at anytime from FishPal.

Spring Syndicate “Plus 4” rods are available at £250.00 and at the 12th March these are available on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.


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