Pike on the fly: Tom Hammond

Nov 21, 2011 | River Reports

Sitting comfortably in a boat, scanning the water ahead for signs of life, you spot a burst of activity as a shoal of small fish scatter in panic, fleeing for their lives. You’ve just found what you’re looking for, beneath the surface a predator is feeding and it’s time to cast. You ready yourself, heart rate rising as adrenalin pumps and expectations run high. Are you experiencing a far away saltwater fly fishing destination? No! You’re in England targeting pike on the fly!

Fly fishing for pike is fast becoming the must try experience for UK and international fly fishers alike. Pike are the ultimate freshwater predator the UK has to offer, giving you explosive takes, an awesome fight and your best chance to regularly hook up to double figure, wild fish on a fly rod!

Using a fly to catch these toothy critters is proving to be a very successful method, often out fishing more traditional pike fishing techniques. Movement in a fly can be maintained even with the slowest retrieves at all depths which make flies an irresistible temptation for hungry pike to ambush.
Pike flies come in all shapes and sizes, though contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the biggest flies which catch the largest fish! If the prospect of casting huge flies over the horizon on 10 weight rods is putting you off trying this exciting branch of our wonderful sport, know this; you don’t have too. We carry a wide selection of outfits from 8-10 weight, which cast flies from 5 inches upwards easily.
In fact we find more people take time hooking up pike than have casting issues. Pike have a very hard mouth and an average trout fishing lift often results in lost fish. We find a strip strike works best to set the hook, resulting in a huge increase in fish landed.
It’s not only Pike which will take your fly. Perch to 4lbs have been caught on a regular basis during our trips. These greedy fish will readily take a pike fly, however we find having a lighter 6# outfit and smaller flies works best for perch, with the bonus that you get a better fight from these stunningly beautiful, very sporting fish.

Tom Hammond at T&S Sporting runs regular trips, he says…

“Trips focus on you having fun, experiencing the best possible pike fly fishing in awesome locations. Fishing is primarily from boats with some wade fishing, searching our large clear water lakes for the ultimate freshwater predator! Our experienced guides will put you on the fish as they ambush shoals of bait fish. Then watch pike explode from weed beds, smashing your fly in the crystal clear water. Some days you can sight fish to pike and perch, spotting them through many feet of water, such is the clarity. Fly fishing does not come more adrenalin charged than this! When you need a break, we take lunch on a nearby island. Then it’s back for more adrenalin pumping action”

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