Salmon fishing for beginners with Farlows

Fly fishing is considered a pastime by some and an art form by others. Whether you’re looking to resurrect a childhood hobby, learn a new skill or simply escape the rigours or everyday life, reliable gear and guidance will improve your angling performance and pleasure.

To catch the ‘fish of kings’ you’ll need a decent rod. Salmon fly rods have come a long way from the heavy and unwieldy greenheart and split cane rods and horsehair lines of yesteryear.

Farlows stocks a wide range of models and recommends the Loomis NRX Double handed, the Guideline Reaction DH or the ultra-fast high performance Sage TCX Series as good new rods to try.  

Reels from the Nautilus NV to the Tibor Spey by Ted Juracsik range are superb whilst for those who covet a vintage look; the Hardy Cascapedia MKIII resembles the original 1930’s model. Alternatively, a Speyworks Salmon Fishing Kit will give the beginner the required kit for any salmon fishing expedition – combine with a lesson or two with casting instructors and you’ll be confident enough to coax in the wiliest of salmon.

Clothing and accessories are a very personal choice, but start off with some key pieces and grow your kit accordingly. A Simms G4 Pro jacket is the next generation in rain jackets and features Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric for incredible performance. Add some Simms G4 Pro Stockingfoot Waders or Simms Rivershed Wading Boots and your footwear needs will be fully covered.  The Rio AFS Shooting Head Kit is an all-in-one kit including line and leaders that covers most fishing situations. To land your catch Farlows recommends a Mclean Salmon/Sea Trout Weigh Net which contains concealed weighing scales – perfect for large Salmon. Lastly some polarized lenses such as Costa Del Mar Jose Sunglasses will provide outstanding clarity and vision on the water.

There are many locations to explore for good Salmon fishing in the UK. Farlows fishing manager Max Sardi recommends a trip to the Tweed, Spey, Tyne, Dee, Tay, Findhorn, Nith, and Annan. Scotland is enjoying some of the best Salmon fishing ever recorded for some time with good catches and returning fish are running with the river levels on good flow – you’re guaranteed a fantastic day!

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  1. A Simms G4 Pro jacket is the next generation in rain jackets and features Gore-Tex Pro Shell fabric for incredible performance.

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