Season Extension for the River Annan

Season Extension Terms and Conditions

The River Annan DSFB has a licence for experimental angling on the Annan granted by the Scottish Government. This licence has been granted with a number of conditions. The fishing is on the main stem of the river only, effectively from Three Waters Meet to the Railway Viaduct at Annan. The fishing is on a strictly catch and release basis. If a fish dies on an angler the fish must be handed into the District Salmon Fisheries Board and cannot be kept by the angler or the proprietor. The carcass will be used for research. All fishing must be by either fly or spinning with no more than one set of hooks. i.e one treble, one double or one single and the hooks should be either barbless or de- barbed. All anglers must fill in the season extension fishing return and hand them into the proprietor at the end of their day (or if fishing for multiple days when they cease fishing).

Permits are available at all the normal outletsand District Salmon Fishery Board bailiffs will be mounting regular patrols to check that anglers not only have in their possession the required permits but also the out of season reporting form. If anyone does not have this form they will be asked to leave the river and will not get a refund. If anyone is issued a permit and do not get a form please contact We will endeavour to issue them as swiftly as possible, by e-mail, within 48hrs. If you are already in the area and do not have access to e mail please ring either 01576 470600, 07710331079 or 07872128739 and we will arrange for you to come to the office to receive one.

Angler support in this project is greatly appreciated and we hope that you will catch lots of fresh fish and enjoy your time on the river. To book fishing online please click

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