The S&TA need your views, please.

Current campaigns from the S&TA include:

2: Catch & Release best practice    leaflet just launched.
3: Save our Wild Scottish Salmon. Sign the petition HERE.
6: The S&TA also need your views on the Environment Agency Trout & Grayling Strategy.
Much of S&TA’s influencing work is done through membership of local and national committees and working groups, and through our membership of Wildlife & Countryside Link, the umbrella organisation for environmental non government organisations (NGOs) with the support of more than 8 million members!

We also have excellent working relations with key civil servants within Government departments and agencies, and MPs in all parties and members of the House of Lords.

However, there are times when campaigning is required, to bring particular issues to the public attention, and to put them in front of decision makers. Our charitable objectives allow us to campaign for the efficient management, protection and conservation of salmon, trout and all other fish stocks of UK origin, and the aquatic habitats and ecosystems necessary for them to thrive.

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