Tay Western Catchment Partnership

A of  journey along 1000 miles of rivers and watercourses in Glen Lyon, Glen Lochay and Glen Dochart.  Tay Western Catchment Partnership  have produced a publication as part of a fund raising and awareness raising campaign to provide funds for further project works on the Tay. If you would like to purchase a copy please click

The report details the findings of an extensive survey of rivers and watercourses in the western catchments of the Tay river system and to illustrate a range of issues affecting the catchments; to quantify and cost a series of projects that might remedy some of the problems encountered and to provide opportunities for wider community involvement. The purpose of the document is to:

● Provide an accurate, up to date account of the wider natural environment within these three glens

● Draw attention to what we believe are the priority areas for intervention for both public and/or private investment ● Discourage unnecessary investment in lower priority or “tick-box” projects

● Encourage a genuine catchment scale approach to management of resources and to make sure that projects are strategically co-ordinated

● Provide information and ideas for inclusion in the Tay River Basin planning process and the Tay District Fisheries Management Plan

● Provide our many funders with a clear insight into the issues present in the symbolic headwaters of the Tay

● Stimulate interest, enthusiasm and a sense of direction in addressing all of the above.

● Encourage communication and participation in the evolving local good steward ship programmes by elements of Government, Government Agencies such as SEPA, LLTNPA, and local utilities and water users such as SSE, inviting their participation and contribution to projects and improvements.

If you would like to view a copy of the document please click

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