Wild Brown Trout Fishing on the River Annan

Annandale offers some outstanding trout fishing for the discerning angler. The river boasts an extremely diverse range of aquatic insects that can be relied to hatch pretty much throughout the year. In addition to that, the swarms of minnows that appear during the summer provide high protein snacks for trout. The trout

gorge on this rich food supply and regularly grow to sizes in excess of 4lb with average sizes approaching 2lb.

During March and April the streamy parts of the river will have large hatches of March browns and dark olives that will readily be taken by early season trout. These rises are often short-lived affairs and generally peak around the middle of the day through to early evening. At this time of year there is plenty of time to fish and get back to the pub before closing time! If there are no fish rising remember they still have to eat and well-presented nymphs will score well

Over the last 2 weeks anglers have been enjoying some excellent sport on the Annan, with trout of 4lb plus being caught. Andy Nicholson caught a 2-3lber and then a beautiful brown trout of 5-6lb on the Upper Annanadale beat. Although this is association water it is very lightly fished with most of the local rods not appearing until very late in the season. Fishing is available from £15.00 per day, increasing in September to £35.00 for salmon fishing.

Anglers were treated to brown trout of 4lb plus on the Applegarth beat . The beat enjoys 4 miles of  double bank fishing across 12 pools. Prices range from £15.00 per day, increasing in September to £35.00 and then reducing to £5.00 in November for grayling fishing.

Hopefully we’ve tempted you to go fishing on the River Annan or try brown trout fishing. Please visit the FishPal website for your nearest river. Anglers can use the Quick Rod Search to find fishing on your chosen river. Alternatively please contact our customer services team on 01573 470612. Regards FishPal

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