Junction and Sprouston Beats. River Tweed

Days and weeks rarely become available on the following River Tweed beats.

The Junction and Hempseedford beat extends to some 1.5 miles of superb double bank fishing. During the month of June rods are available for anglers wishing to fish one of the prolific beats on Tweed, which boasts the famous Junction pool. Junction Pool, itself, arguably the most famous salmon pool in the world, can, given the right water condition’s hold an enormous number of fish. Rods priced from £85.00 per day

Junction Pool Disabled Access: This beat provides access for the Tweed Wheelyboat which, given sufficient notice, can be used to carry an angler in his/her own wheelchair onto the water to fish.

Lower Tweed near Kelso. The Sprouston beat extends to some 2.5 miles of double bank fishing. The upper beat has nine excellent holding pools whilst the bottom beat has eight. Rods priced from £85.00 per day

Middle Tweed at Melrose. Situated between the abbey town of Melrose and the village of Gattonside, Lower Pavilion offers one and a half miles of double bank salmon fishing. There are seven named pools, three of which fish well at low water and the others are deep pools with the water slow to medium flowing and very productive in high water. Rods priced from £65.00 per day

Bottom Tweed, opposite LadyKirk. Like most Bottom Tweed beats, the Boathouse beat excels in low water conditions when its proximity to tidal waters results in large quantities of fish coming in off the tide and resting in the beat until water levels rise. The beat has a selection of pools from 6 to 25 feet, ranging from deep, slow channels and dubs to some faster moving glides. The Boathouse provides access for the Tweed Wheelyboat

More availability has been released by Tweed fishery owners for the summer and autumn salmon runs and can be found on the FishPal and FishTweed site. To check availability or use the Find Fishing links. Book a FREE rod alert for your favourite beat. Alternatively please contact our customer services team on 01573 470 612

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FishPal are a global online information and booking system for all types of fishing. Our site has the latest rod availability, permits can be purchased online or via our customer services team and are issued immediately.
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