New to Salmon? Fishing on Royal Deeside from £12.00

Creating a unique fishing experience on Royal Deeside; Heughhead Fishing’s has all the facilities you would expect from a top quality beat. Surrounded by rich, beautiful countryside and offering a wide range of amenities including accommodation, leisure, sports facilities and popular tourist trails. Fishing is available on this 1 mile beat from 15 March until the end of the season.

Fishing availability starting at an affordable £12.00 to £36.00 for the entire season. More Information please click

The River Feugh is the most important tributary of the River Dee and is well known for the salmon leaping at the Falls of Feugh, well worth a visit. The Feugh begins high in the Forest of Birse, to the south of Aboyne, and flows through some of the most scenic areas in Aberdeenshire before joining the River Dee at Banchory.

This is an ideal river for beginners to learn to fish for salmon and trout with no necessity for long casts. The intimate pools offer a challenge requiring stealth and finesse when the river is low and clear. Children accompanied by responsible supervisory adults’ fish for free, more information please click. The river banks are well maintained and have access to all the pools.

Anglers thinking of buying fishing equipment visit the FishDee Megastore. With every transaction 8% will be donated to the River Dee Trust which will help significantly with the delivery of the fisheries management plan and increased salmon stocks for future generations.

Planning Where to Go: There is a wealth of information and advice on the FishPal site to help you, but two of the most popular things can be emailed to you for free.  Rod alerts system helps you keep track of new rods on the system and our River reports system emails you a river report as soon as it is added to the site. To visit the FishPal site click

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