Myrarkvisl availability has arrived

FishIceland has added fishing availability to the FishPal system for Myrarkvisl, a small 3 rod river that flows into the famous Laxa in Adaldalur.

A normal season will see anywhere between 200 and 300 salmon caught. The river is approximately 25 kilometres long, and salmon run through the entire system.

Season runs from 25th July till 20th September.

This means if the length of the season along with numbers of rod, are compared to annual catch, the river has a high catch average. In recent years, salmon of up to 24lbs have been taken from the river

One of the beauties of fishing in Iceland is the clarity of the water. Many rivers run gin-clear and on many of the smaller streams it is possible to perch on the bank and watch salmon in their environment.

Prices start from £145.00 per day. For more information please click or speak to a member of our customer services team on 01573 470 612

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