Availability for the River Bann, Ireland

The beautiful River Bann provides the perfect experience for every angler.

Rising in the Mourne mountains and flowing into and then out of Lough Neagh – the largest freshwater lake in the Europe. The Lower Bann is an important conduit for migrating eels and salmon. The river also has a population of roach, bream, roach/bream hybrids, perch, rudd, trench, gudgeon and numerous pike. There are brown trout in parts of the main channel and in all the tributary rivers. Sea trout and grey mullet occur in the Bann estuary

Culiff Rock beat, Lower Bann near Movanagher rods are available on the FishPal website. Anglers can enjoy a days fishing for salmon, sea trout and wild trout with prices starting from £25.00 per day throughout the season.

Culiff Rock situated at a natural bend of the river bewteen Carnroe and the lower end of the Movanagher Angling Club beat. Although salmon are most plentiful between June and September this beat is also renowned for its season long brown trout fishing, with specimens of 6-7lbs being caught regularly.

The fishery rights on the Lower Bann and its tributaries belong to The Honourable Irish Society, a 400-year-old organisation which uses the income from its assets for charitable purposes locally. For more information

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