The River Spey, home of speycasting

There is something really special about the first spring fish of the year, after the long absence of catches during the winter, the line tightens and the heart races. Spring salmon have a special beauty that other fish just cannot match. The early fish are not usually very big, averaging around 10 pounds, but as the spring run increases the fish get larger, with 20 pounders expected in May.

The River Spey, famous for Speycasting and one of Scotland’s big four salmon rivers. However, its major attraction is its size and the strength of its stream – in the middle and lower river it falls on average 12 feet per mile – the greatest of any British river.

Anglers looking to fish the Spey, availability has been uploaded today starting from £17.00. During the peak season we now have rods available from £42.00, offering affordable salmon fishing to anglers wishing to try the sport. Latest Fishing please Click

Upper Spey: 6 miles double bank on River Spey and 12 miles double bank on River Dulnain, with the chance to encounter a Spey salmon in a little bit of heaven, at a price that does not break the bank. For more information click

Upper Spey: Upper Spey – Kinchurdy, Boat of Garten. For more information click

There is a host of information on the FishPal website to help you arrange your fishing on the Spey or Avon and organise your visit to Moray.

For more information please contact our offices on 01573 470612 and speak with one of our customer services team who fish. Alternatively view the FishPal website

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