West Country Wild Trout Festival

Join the Arundell Arms for the inaugural West Country Wild Trout Festival from the 20th to 23rd May.

Fish the peak of the trout season on the Tamar and tributaries and enjoy casting to free-rising wild brownies in beautiful surroundings. The Arundell Arms has 20 miles of its own water on the Tamar system, meaning that you will have up to a mile of river all to yourself. During the festival, our resident AAPGAI instructors – David Pilkington and Tim Smith – will be running daily demos and workshops which you may like to attend to help you sharpen up your fishing skills. They will also be on the beats to give help and advice during each afternoon. The festival promises to be great fun and a chance to experience the best of West Country trout fishing on some of the region’s finest wild trout water. For more information please click
West Country Sea Trout Festival July 1st – 5th, July 8th – 12th 2011. We are proud to present the second annual Westcountry Sea Trout Festival – a celebration of Devon and Cornwall’s most exciting game fish, based at The Arundell Arms Hotel, Lifton, Devon. This year’s event has been extended to 10 days, following the huge popularity of the 2010 festival. Each night, anglers will enjoy what is surely the pinnacle of the fly fisher’s art, on the rivers Tamar and Lyd on the Devon/Cornwall border. Arundell Arms AAPGAI instructors, David Pilkington and Tim Smith, will run a series of workshops, demonstrations and tuition events throughout the festival. In addition, the instructors and other local guides will be on the beats each night to offer help and advice. For more information please click

The Arundell Arms Hotel has been one of England’s premier fishing hotels for more than half a century and has 20 miles of its own water on the Tamar and six of its tributaries. If you would like to book fishing please contact the FishPal Head Office on 01573 470612 or click

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