Canadian Wilderness with Stevie Munn

British Columbia, Canada, has some of the most phenomenal and exciting sport fishing opportunities the world has to offer. Every year the salmon runs, number in the 10’s of millions. The sturgeon fishing is world class, and if that’s not enough, they also have a fantastic steelhead and trout fishing. Simply speaking, British Columbia and its rivers produce an awesome all year-round fishery that’s tough to beat. Combine this great fishing with spectacular scenery wildlife you have the opportunity to experience the trip of a lifetime!
Some of British Columbia’s best rivers including the Skeena and its tributaries, The Pitt, The Frazer, The Harrison and The Vedder. It is a joy to fish in these wonderful places with their blue green water and backdrops of high mountains and mist; these are rivers every angler should try if they have the opportunity.
When your planning a trip to British Columbia try to take advantage of the massive numbers and diversity of quarry that can be encountered during your stay. The 5 species of salmon indigenous to the coastal waters of British Columbia; Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Pink and Chum salmon, believe me they all fight very hard and fast.
What Are The Best Times To Fish?
STURGEON : year round. Peak months April-May, August-Nov.

CHINOOK: peak months, June-OctCOHO: peak months, Sept-Jan

SOCKEYE: peak months, July-OctPINK: peak months, Aug- Oct

CHUM: peak months, Sept-Nov

STEELHEAD: peak months, Nov-April (winter runs)

STEELHEAD: peak months, May-July (summer runs)

CUTTHROAT: Spring and Fall months Light tackle action on the fly Superb sport for novice and expert alike.

Equipment: Although you can hire equipment its best to take your own.

Fly Fishing: 11-14ft Single or double handed 9/10 weight fly rod. A good quality fly reel with a preferable capacity for 150yds of backing or more . Floating, sink tip, intermediate and fast sinking fly lines are advisable ( to cover all conditions). Spinning: 11ft Stiffish action spinning rod, with a good quality light multiplier ( Abu 6500 0r 7000). Local lures and spinners tend to give the best results, and can be purchased locally.

Clothing: Light weight waterproof Jacket, Fleece under jacket, Chest Waders, Sunglasses, Floatation Jacket.
Finally Canada’s British Columbia region is a truly massive place which us anglers from Europe seem to have problems comprehending, for example I was asked on my return by an Irish angler I need to know how you got on at the Skeena as I’m fishing on the Fraser in BC next week, the problem with that is they are 600 air miles apart so when one river is fishing the other river in a different part of British Colombia may not be, it’s like asking how is Co. Antrim in Ireland fishing? I’m off to fish in south England next week!
British Columbia, Canada, has some of the most phenomenal and exciting sport fishing in the world. During 2011 Stevie Munn and Willie Holmes are providing exclusive escorted salmon Fishing trips to Canada. Both are members of the Hardy Greys Academy and hold some of the highest qualifications in game angling.

If you would like more information about trips to Canada

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