FishPal jets out to New Jersey

Stack and Paul

The 2010 Symposium, held in Somerset New Jersey, November was great success with fly dressers represented from all around
the Globe demonstrating skills from fully dressed classics to saltwater flies.

The great Bob Clouser dressed his famous “Clouser Deep Minnow”, while Stack Scoville (USA) and Paul Little (UK) demonstrated skills in dressing classic Atlantic salmon flies

Bob Clouser

Clouser Deep Minnow

Bob Clouser was a fly shop owner in Pennsylvania who designed the fly for Small Mouth Bass on the Susquehanna River in 1989. It was named by Lefty Kreh who has caught over 78 different species on the fly. Today it is best known as a saltwater baitfish pattern used in this country for Bass and for many other species abroad. It is dressed with the dumbell eyes lead eye tied on the underside of the hook shank to help prevent the fly snagging the bottom.

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