Outer Hebrides Season summary 2010

The Outer Hebrides provided spectacular sport during May, June, August and September for brown trout anglers, with the lochs of South Uist in particular giving up excellent numbers (2280) of quality fish, the best of which was a 5lb-8oz Loch Grogarry fish caught by Donald Buist during June.

Returning sea trout numbers were higher than in 2009 with the majority of Hebridean Fisheries also showing an increase on their 5 year average. Amhuinnsuidhe recorded 627 sea trout in 2010, 260 more than their 5 year average. South Uist also did well with excellent numbers as well as several exceptional fish (10 ¼ lb & two at 11 ½ lb).

The main runs of salmon/grilse started entering the rivers in early/mid July, which is back to normal run times, unlike the previous three years which had seen the first fish arriving in early August. Numbers of fish showed a healthy increase on 2009 figures, with the majority of grilse in good condition, and averaging 3½ – 4lb. The majority of Fisheries saw an increase on their 5 year average, with Amhuinnsuidhe having  an excellent catch of 445 (5 year average – 200). There were fewer double figure salmon caught, however, Grimersta guest, Mrs. F. McRobbie landed and returned a 47″ cock salmon, which was conservatively estimated to weigh 32lb.

All things taken into consideration, especially low river levels in late summer/early autumn, 2010 was an excellent season for anglers in the Outer Hebrides. Book Fishing

FishPal would like to thank Donnie Mclever for producing the Fish Hebredes weekly report from all the fisheries on the Hebridian system

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