Vote for the best or worst river in Britain

Is your local river teeming with wildlife or choking with pollution? Is it a place for quiet contemplation, or toxic contamination? Whether it’s a sparkling stream or a dried up desert, we want to know.

The Our Rivers partnership has launched a major search across England and Wales for the best and worst rivers, and they need your help.

The campaign began when the Environment Agency published draft River Basin Management Plans that set out the future of river management up to 2015 and beyond. These were criticised by leading NGOs not only for their significant lack of ambition but also for their impenetrability to all but a few with the time and resources to work through them. The upshot of this was that much of the local knowledge that exists about our rivers risked not being fed into the official process. Our Rivers worked to turn this around.

Now that official process is they have re-launched, with the Salmon and Trout Association joining the campaign, to give you a chance to tell the world about the river you love and those that are in trouble.

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